Loft Conversions and Property Extensions in Sutton Why Invest in Home Improvements?

Many people consider updating their homes, but you might be put off if there is any chance you will move. The idea that your house is not your forever home can make you reluctant to invest time and money into improving it; however, even if you move out, you can benefit from making your house the best it can be while you’re in it. Below, our domestic builders explain why investing in home improvements is worthwhile, from property extensions and kitchen extensions to loft conversions and house refurbishments.

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Increase Property Value

All kinds of building work can add to the value of your property. Simple domestic refurbishments like fitting double-glazed windows, replacing old bathroom suites and even a new lick of paint make a home more appealing, helping boost the price buyers are willing to pay. Bigger projects can increase value even more. Consequently, home improvements help you get more for your house when you sell, making them cost-effective if you plan to move in the future.

The following are some projects our domestic builders undertake which add significant value to homes in Sutton and the surrounding areas:

Loft conversions, especially in urban areas and if they add an extra bathroom

Kitchen extensions – bigger kitchens with dining space are sought-after

Property extensions, especially open-plan and bathroom extensions

Garage conversions in areas where off-street parking isn’t highly desirable

House refurbishments that completely modernise outdated properties

Make Your Home More Comfortable

So, home improvements are excellent for helping you get more money if you sell, but what if you don’t plan on moving? Property updates offer so much more than a higher return on your investment. Making changes to your home can improve everyday comfort and function, resulting in increased happiness and quality of life.

Projects like dormer conversions and wraparound extensions provide the space your family needs, whether you could use another bedroom, a home office, utility room or some other space. The building contractors at DECREW also offer kitchen design services to make kitchens more usable, and various house refurbishments to improve style and function.

Make Your House Cheaper to Run

Our domestic builders have the knowledge and skill to improve the energy efficiency of your property. Refurbishment works like updating windows, doors and insulation increase thermal efficiency, making your home cheaper to heat.

We also incorporate quality materials, products and systems into building projects such as loft conversions, kitchen extensions and property extensions. This ensures these spaces offer superior energy efficiency, helping you save money.

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